Decatur In-Home // Austin + Heather

You know those friends of your husband/boyfriend that automatically become your friends when you are together? Well, these amazing people are that couple for me! John (my husband) and Austin have been friends since college, and oddly enough now work together! When we started dated I had the pleasure of meeting Austin + Heather and got to know them better through double dates throughout our relationship, and let me just say I am so thankful for their friendship.

Not only have we stayed close, but I actually had the pleasure of helping them find and purchase their first home, and guess what?! It’s less than 2 miles from where John and I live. SCORE! Talk about a blessing!! Buying your first home can be super scary with all the ‘adulting’ that comes with it (that’s a whole separate blog) , but it’s also super exciting and a huge accomplishment. So this in home session for Austin + Heather in their first home had so much meaning.

I love capturing couples in their natural element. Where they feel most comfortable and confident. Something about the familiar, the place where you’ve made memories and had special moments just means so much. Don’t get me wrong the epic sessions with waterfalls, mountains, crazy landscapes are just as fabulous and special, but I can safely say in-home sessions hold a place in my heart. So, thank you for those who have trusted me to capture you in your safe place. I don’t take these sessions for granted.

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